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Do it once, do it right! From reliable street performers to the toughest big blocks, we design and build all brands of engines to customers requirements and understand budget restraints.

Check out some of our customer engines ...

Pro Street Fairlane Pro Street Fairlane
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Pro Street Fairlane

World Products 4340 steel crank, custom JE pistons and rings, Oliver conrads, Comp Cams solid roller camshaft, Modified Edelbrock heads. This engine is finished and ready for dyno with sidemount and EFI. Looking for a mile of torque out of this pump gas sleeper. Dyno results should be through soon!

Windsor Stroker 363

New Dart 4 bolt block, 3.400" stroker crank, 'H' beam rods, Howard hydraulic roller camshaft and followers, Edelbrock dual plane. RHS 2.020"/1.600" with port and blend bowls. High vacuum street engine with great idle quality yet 6500rpm. Custom built and blue printed for 1955 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery street rod project. PE customs paint and panel, Exhaust Innovations custom fab work. Fataz Engine build and design.

Blown 427 Chev - SBC 56 Classic Blown 427 Chev - SBC 56 Classic Blown 427 Chev - SBC 56 Classic Blown 427 Chev - SBC 56 Classic Blown 427 Chev - SBC 56 Classic Blown 427 Chev - SBC 56 Classic Blown 427 Chev - SBC 56 Classic
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Blown 427 Chev - SBC 56 Classic

Dart little M block, Pro Series 4" crank, custom forged pistons, Brodix Heads, BDS 871 Blower, Dual AED carbs. Every component brand new and ready for custom headers, engine dyno and final fitup and tyre smokin' action. Fataz Engine build and design.

Ford Windsor Stroker Cruiser Ford Windsor Stroker Cruiser
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Ford Windsor Stroker Cruiser

470 ft lb/465 HP, pump gas. Dart SHP block, Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam, 750 HO carb, Edelbrock Dual plain manifold, RHS 2.020"/1.600" heads 180cc. 1966 Mustang Coupe. Muscle car idle with enormous torque for an American Classic muscle car with great street manners. Custom headers by Exhaust Innovations and car built by R&R Restorations.

Blown Windsor Blown Windsor Blown Windsor
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Blown Windsor 69 Mustang Fastback, Street Fighter

Dart 4.125 block, forged SRP dishtop, 'H' beam rods, Roush cast iron heads, Mechanical Roller Cam. 4 speed and fast over 500RW HP on pump gas and low boost.

Coxy Sports SedanCoxy Sports Sedan

Toyota 3SG Turbo Motec Engine Management System. Mild boost, mid engine Sports Sedan.